The widow Frühlingsberg

Here is some of what we’ve been able to collect, and above all what Ulrike and Andreas Morell, and especially the widow, have been able to come across and graciously pass on to us. Our gratitude is in order, naturally.

Escrits abstrusos

Escrits abstrusos
a cops de cadira


Espahí espiat com el raten els tèrmits del temps - VI -

Lliurament sisè i darrer de...

Espahí espiat com el raten els tèrmits del temps

by Mercè Goril·la i Rels

Spaced Spahi Spied (being bit bit by bit by the termites of time)

[sixth (and last) delivery: pages 161-201]

Estripant el llibre oblic

Estripant el llibre oblic
massa malsdecap



The other half of the Reigian Studies

background with snakes as yet unheard; more: unherded.

Reig, Reig against the dying of the light

more Reigian texts

llibre rebel

llibre rebel


(Only Carles Reig’s writings will be included here. All carry his copyright.)

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